Agencies to clients: We’re Desperate!

I know this post is a bit old, but Spike at the Brains on Fire blog said this about ad agencies beating their brains out to pitch to clients – expensive stunts to try to win customers that in better times they wouldn’t even want.

I’m glad to hear of another marketing professional pointing out the obvious – it’s great to be “creative,” but it costs money, and you have to look to the ROI. If your business isn’t doing well, pouring more money down the drain isn’t going to help. I put creative in quote marks because better creativity would be doing some networking and research to find out where the next real opportunity is, not pulling into the same old parking lots in the clown car. Also, I think it fosters what I (and a lot of others) call the “Wal-Mart Shopper Mentality,” where the clients feel they should get everything they ask for. You can’t always make money doing that, and it’s not always even the best thing for them.

Anyway, what he said.

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