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iPhone 6S+ – Two Months Later

About two months after getting a new iPhone 6S+, I’ve racked up the following experiences: Read more

iPhone 6S+, or, iPad Micro

Not sure what to call it – phone or phablet? But it’s going to have to go just about wherever I go for the next 2 years, at least…

Pictured here: my outgoing iPhone 5 (early 2013 vintage) and new iPhone 6S+, both entombed in Otterbox Defender cases. My iPad is shown for an additional reference point.


Here’s my frame of reference for a phone this size. I’m a bari sax player. When you scale something up this much, in the picture, it seems like just a bigger version of the same thing, but it’s not, exactly. Watch this extremely random video of two talented young saxophonists and maybe you’ll see what I mean.

So how is this working out for you? I can (sorta) hear you asking:

used with permission –
  • This phone (which does sport a reachability feature in deference to its extreme height, to which I hope they add an ability to contract left/right) is hard to use one-handed. That’s a tradeoff I decided to accept; as I get out and about and actually try to use it I’ll have to see what it’s like wearing it, using it, etc. As a frame of reference I’m 6 feet tall, built kinda large, wear gloves in the M/L size, and can comfortably play a bari sax. There are those for whom the 6S, not the 6S+, is definitely going to be the upper limit. There is actually a shoulder carry option for it (this company also makes them for other phones, and… this may be a little nuts, but to each their own). Here’s a significant dimension for you – the length of the 6S+ equals the width of the iPad…
  • It’s going to change how you use it. Again the bari sax analogy – it’s not just a big alto. It plays a different role and has different strengths and weaknesses. I decided to try it (the phone, not the bari sax) because in my current job I have fewer voice calls to make, I sit at a desk more, but when I’m away from the office I am more likely to absolutely need to get on an email. I’m going to need to use bluetooth more. It’s going to tempt me to get some kind of smart watch (pretty sneaky, Apple!). On the plus side, I will have more occasions when I can leave the iPad behind.
  • And about that iPad – the first time I ever saw a cellular-enabled iPad I thought – someone is going to use that thing for a phone. I think we’re reaching that convergence.
  • Another brilliant idea on convergence – the cell phone paradigm has been one device per phone number/SIM. With the increasing digitalization of the cell phone world, it would seem that the next step would be the ability to have a secondary phone. Maybe a simple feature phone that can share the number when all you need is – a phone.
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Why be Social?

Yesterday I talked about getting over some negative feelings about posting. But that doesn’t supply a “why” answer to maintaining a personal website.

I’ve been inconsistent about writing, but I’ve written more than ever in the past few years because of Facebook, which allows you to feel like you’re posting to a smaller group of people who actually know you.  Read more

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Well, this is odd

I discovered that this blog shows up on my work network (which uses Untangle) without the stylesheet showing up because the firewall strips it – it flags it as using an anonymizer service.

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Standards and Smith’s Law of Marginal Utility

Smith’s Law of Marginal Utility:

The abundance of chargers or removable media of a given type* is directly correlated to their obsolesce .

How Standards Proliferate – xkcd

Read more

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The E-Mail Scam That’s Alive and Well

I hate to admit it, but after ten years in e-commerce I very nearly fell for a message similar to this a few months ago. It’s a slightly slicker variation on the various e-mail schemes that are out there, mainly distinguished by asking for something specific that the company I work for sells (custom imprinted USB drives):

—–Original Message—–
From: [Bogus Company] [mailto:[deleted]@]
Sent: Friday, May 03, 2013 1:42 PM
To: Gary Smith
Subject: Swivel USB Drives


Dear Sir/Madam


  We wanted to place an order for 1000 Pcs each 4 GB and 8 GB Swivel style USB Drives One color/One location Imprint through your store or suppliers. Please let us know if you can get any of these items including the lead time and your payment methods.


We look forward to read from you soon


Best Regards


(phone #)

Read more

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Weeding the Blog

I moved this blog from one server to another this weekend, and that got me thinking about pages, widgets, and pruning old posts. I knew I wasn’t posting as much as I should, but I thought I was generally keeping up better than I was. I discovered a lot of widgets in my right column weren’t really working, my blogroll was out of date, and there were a lot of dead links in posts. In many cases I’ve left the past alone, but where a video link, for example, was no longer valid I deleted the post or set it private.

test – embedding youtube video

Here is a video of one of Prattville’s leading citizens in beginner band.

Old phones, planned obsolesence, and you.

Started a twitter conversation about iPhone vs. Android that is gonna take more than 140 characters…

My wife got an iPod touch well over 2 years ago. She got an iPhone 4 maybe a year ago.

Meanwhile, I’ve had some smart phone or another for years, the latest being the Motorola Droid (sometimes called Droid 1, I suppose, but whatever – it was the original, introduced as the first Android phones were coming out).

I totally get the fact that no piece of technology will be as cool and super as the day you unwrap it. Read more

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Leadership Autauga Update

Been too busy to update since Tuesday night. Kimmie Ellis’ presentation was a big hit – her mother Martha may be out of a job (inside joke). Seriously, that’s probably one of the best pieces of actual learning about leadership we do all year – the rest is “OJT” as we work on the project and look at our state and local leaders in action.

Speaking of the project, I’m proud of the class for having generated several good project ideas. I’ll keep those under wraps, but their work so far is leading toward the pick of a final project idea very soon, hopefully board approval of that idea, and then they can get to work on it. Whatever it is, it will be something that benefits the community.

Here are some pictures from the retreat (click to view the complete album):


Leadership Autauga Retreat 2011