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Mayor’s Race, Part Deux

Scott Simmons and Mayor Bright’s other challengers went “down in defeat,” as my junior high principal used to say on the intercom every Monday morning during football season. I’m not shocked by that, but I am surprised by a few things: Read more

The Montgomery Mayor’s race

… winds up today. Based on the commercials run by the two men who can afford to buy commercial time in any quantity, apparently it’s all about crime. The incumbent, Bobby Bright, defends his record and touts the progress Montgomery is supposed to have made (in baseball, car plants, and downtown development, mainly) while Scott Simmons promises to hire more police, spins his endorsements from fire and police associations (without telling you how many or few employees of those departments that is), and spanks Bright for an off-the-cuff remark he made to a civic group wherein he encouraged people to get a gun and be ready to defend themselves.

Somewhere (over at the ABC Board office), Emory Folmar must be sitting back and smiling. I’m not sure he ever faced serious, well-funded opposition until Bobby Bright unhorsed him after several terms. Read more