iPhone 6S+ – Two Months Later

About two months after getting a new iPhone 6S+, I’ve racked up the following experiences:

  • I am indeed using it more as a mini-tablet. Once the new “wore off,” I have reverted to using the iPad whenever possible, but if I don’t have my iPad with me, I will happily browse Facebook, Tumblr, or other time-wasting sites (or even get work done) with more ease.
  • There is a standard vs. zoomed mode under settings>Display & Brightness>Display Zoom. The options are (naturally) standard and zoomed. The difference is not as much as you might expect (maybe 10%?), but the “hidden” feature that makes me keep it in standard mode is that in standard mode the display will actually switch from portrait to landscape depending on how the phone is oriented in many of the standard apps and the home screen (if you want to be in standard mode but don’t want this to happen, you can call up the context menu by flicking up from the bottom and select orientation lock whichever way it’s currently set, just like you can with an iPad). In Zoomed mode, the phone stays in portrait mode generally.
  • My initial concern that the thing would be like wearing a Colt 1911 has panned out, sorta. It’s not objectionable, but I’m even more prone to taking it (and the rigid plastic Otterbox holster) off my belt whenever I get in the car or sit down at a desk. I’ve never been prone to putting a cell phone in a pocket, but whereas it used to be easy to slip a phone into a suit jacket inside pocket or the like, it’s a bit much on this phone. I sometimes carry a locking knife with a clip in my right pocket (under the phone), and the two things bump a bit. However, I’ve gotten used to all this and it’s not a problem. I have not been tempted to get a shoulder holster for it.
  • I’ve been able to use it one-handed whenever I’ve needed to (which is mainly when I need to take a call) and haven’t really had to use the reachability feature I mentioned in the last article.
  • I have not regretted getting it. I’ve really enjoyed the larger display when I use it as a car GPS with services like Waze, when using it to listen to Podcasts (even with this display, golly the text on iTunes Podcast app is tiny), and when handling email and surfing the web.
  • When I borrow my wife’s 5S, it looks like a tic-tac.

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