Post Like No One’s Reading

I’ve had two or three problems with social media over the years:

  • a feeling that it comes across as narcissistic (yes this is a recurring theme of mine, which caused me to dismiss Twitter once upon a time)
  • I was just too busy
  • I was too self- editing – too concerned that someone might pick up on something I wrote and be offended by it

I’ll probably never get over that last one entirely, but there has been, as they say at, a change in circumstance.

Not long after I started this blog, I sold the business I was part-owner of and went to work for another company, and always had the feeling that I had a boss (or two) who tended to look at everything I did in public as a possible negative reflection on their company. Which it can be, in fairness, but the long soulful conversations about what I did in the community always seemed to dwell on the possible negative aspects adobe photoshop cs6 for mac.

Even worse, I was a member of a local church which focused on the negative. When my family and I decided to leave, I felt I should give them a reason (this was a mistake, by the way), and that was the reason I gave – that they were focused on the negative and not on “the hope of the gospel” (Colossians 1:23).

My wife still gets their church bulletin by email, and she tells me the minister has doubled down on articles about “the need for negative preaching.”

So that’s been a weight lifted – leaving those two particular situations. I’ll never be one of those who let it fly and run roughshod over people’s privacy, especially my own, but in looking at my blog’s traffic, I’ve decided that there’s no real need to be concerned that I’m going to offend anyone.

So that’s a little of my thinking about “why not do it?” – my next post will be “why do it?”

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