Gary SmithGary Smith, in co
nvenient web-based form.

Work: Nectar Bridge – My consulting firm which helps businesses make money while following ethical principles and best practices.  I’m currently working extensively with www.jamersan.com, a Magento implementation shop in Opelika AL.

My LinkedIn Profile – probably the best way to find out about my work life. I accept connection requests from most real people.

My Facebook Profile – I tend to add only people I know in real life, or have a prior connection with on the internet.

My personal life:

  • Spirituality – Christian. A conservative free-thinker, which pretty much frustrates and confuses everyone.
  • Family – One wife, two sons, currently in high school.
  • Music – I play clarinet, saxophone, and flute well enough to get paid sometimes, and I own a guitar (actually, 3). I consider myself a strong amateur player on woodwinds. I played in the Montgomery Symphony about 10 years (now sort of an on-call alternate, and have played various gigs here and there as well.