Chuck Mangione Live at the Hollywood Bowl

An Evening of Magic: Live at the Hollywood Bowl (Chuck Mangione)

My brother worked at a radio station and got a copy of this on LP. I wore the grooves off of it.

Perhaps one of the good things about the LP format was it encouraged you to listen to the whole thing instead of cherry-picking the hits. The only bad reviews on iTunes come from people who only want to get “Feels So Good.” The joy of this album is in listening to the varied textures of Mangione’s band and orchestra. If some of it has gone on to become “smooth jazz cliche” and sound like waiting room music, that’s only because it’s THAT GOOD. This album helped inspire me to be a musician because the performers seemed to be having so much fun. Sit down with a glass of something and your best headphones and really listen to it. Bell bottoms are optional.

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