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Posted by on Jul 4, 2008 in Internet Geekdom | 0 comments

Company website remodel

I’m planning to move my company’s website from a static design (it was designed with php to try to make it easier to update, but it didn’t totally work out that way) to Joomla 1.5.x.  Since we have the long weekend ahead of us, I’m going to tackle it tomorrow.

While this may seem like a sad use of a Saturday, it’s an opportunity to track how long such an implementation takes from start to finish. Here is my expected (hoped for) timeline:


  • download the latest Joomla release and look over the installation requirements. I’ve done it before, but I want to refresh my memory.


  • upload the files and get the mySQL databases configured.
  • at this point, the existing website should still be visible because I’m leaving the files in place, but if they are not, I’ll put up some text explaining what I’m doing.
  • For now, I will use the default Joomla template, in the blue color.
  • get my logo in the upper left corner, at least (creating a proper template will be a phase II thing)
  • get the menus the way I want them
  • move the content over (create articles that put the content where I want it)
  • look at the mailing list configuration and capabilities and set up a contact form.
  • figure out the best way to get my wearables catalog and my promotional products catalog linked to my main site. Unfortunately, both are designed in a way that resists total integration; I wish those vendors allowed more sophisticated templating or at least provided a version of the site with more stripped-out menus so I could try an i-frame technique and see how that worked.
  • from there on out it’s bug-trapping and refining. I hope to make my site more current and write more “newsy” kind of blurbs once I get it done, so the site should take shape and change character over time, but right now I’ll settle for a Joomla version of what I already have.

Along the way, I’ll do some blogging and twittering to provide a bit of a record as to how long this kind of project takes.