Entering all my CDs in the iPod, Part III

A few random notes on the process, some of which isn’t going to totally make sense because I started this post and then forgot to post it, so it’s updated before it posts:

  • there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been feeding the CDs to iTunes basically any time I can have the laptop set up and do other work. Last few days I’ve been on the road locally a lot, but even so I’m down to a manageable stack.
  • Gracenotes provides accurate data 99% of the time. The rest of the time it’s in Chinese (perhaps still accurate, but doesn’t do me much good). I’m kind of impressed at how it seems to have virtually every album that was actually published (as opposed to self-published).
  • However, album art is often not there when you say “Get Album Artwork.” I’m sure it works better for something recent, but older CDs, especially genre CDs – forget it. I’m sure there are copyright issues involved. Some of the things it does pull up have been amusing. A white guy named Charlie, in a cowboy hat, in place of Charlie Parker, for example.
  • Fortunately for that last point, Google Images almost always has it for you. I’ve only had to make something up entirely once or twice. I do admit to having a picture of Bambi on one recording of “Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun.”
  • Getting albums together, as opposed to scattered through the collection, has been a challenge. They’re hard to spot in any iTunes view except the album flip view. Wish there was a big magic button to pull an album together if some key field, say, to pick an example at random, THE ALBUM TITLE is all identical. I realize nothing is as easy as it sounds. Perhaps one would end up with an album with 153 tracks called GREATEST HITS… still there has to be a way.
  • Update – I’m completely through, although I recall owning some CDs that I can’t seem to put my hands on. Perhaps they’ll be added sometime after I move, or clean out a mini-warehouse… approximately 3,300 tracks, 30 GB or so, although my computer count doesn’t exactly agree with the iPod. To celebrate, I bought Jason Harrod’s album Living in Skin from iTunes. Good stuff!
  • And then Sunday I ran into a friend whose music collection is about 500 GB. Huh.
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