Lately it’s occurred to me…

… what a long strange trip it’s been.

I was in Birmingham all day yesterday, from a medical appointment at UAB to a family visit to a meetup with some of the Birmingham twitterati, semi-organized by André Natta of fame.

Had all that on the schedule. What I didn’t expect was that I wouldn’t make into the office to spend any time until now. One of the highlights of today, however, was a Prattville Chamber presentation by Dr. Margaret Fitch-Hauser from Auburn University. The main topic was PR and the small business. I thought there was a significant side-trip into social media, which was interesting given the audience – a thoroughly main-stream cross section of Prattville business people. I also thought it was interesting that she was not there to talk about social media, but it’s rapidly becoming such a force in image/reputation management that one can’t help BUT talk about it.

I even found out that my friend Jeremy Arthur with the chamber has been blogging behind my back. Having linked to his site, I’m sure his traffic will soar! Or maybe mine will…

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One thought on “Lately it’s occurred to me…”

  1. Gary,

    Thank you for mentioning my presentation on your blog. My Google Alert let me know about it.

    Social media is a big deal. I have attended several conferences over the past year trying to get up to speed on the power and impact of this new medium. At Auburn, we are actively incorporating social media into our PR curriculum as well as our Mass Media curriculum.

    Check out the Loveliest Village to see what our students are doing.

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