New Year, New Stuff

Big things in my life lately:

– I joined Planet Fitness. A new facility opened in Prattville, and I have been there every single day it’s been open. If I’m feeling slow on a given day, I don’t do much, but I’m determined to stay on it – I need to lose about 40-50 pounds and my doctor is itchin’ to put me on cholesterol drugs. Ain’t happening photoshop cs6 mac full.

– As silly as it sounds to get worked up over a wristwatch at my age (I should really post about my wristwatch fetish), I got myself a Casio Atomic Solar Analog watch. Allows time-zone changes, the analog hands stay synched to the digital board, which syncs nightly to WWVB. Allows me to indulge my OCD about having exact time and about having the analog synched to the digital, and having the minute hand in the exact right spot on the dial at the top of the minute (don’t ask).

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