Setting up a blog site for a friend

In keeping with my policy of spending every evening goofing around with web sites, I have spent this evening setting up Bob is a great friend of mine who has helped my business tremendously, and while he is currently much more about the e-mail than the web site, I wanted to set up something which could help him update friends and put info up on the web without a lot of fuss and muss.

WordPress is pretty much always my go-to “quick and dirty” application for a website if the agenda isn’t otherwise set, and I’m amazed at how many new features have crept in. WP 2.8 is much easier to slap features into, and within an hour or so (an honest hour or so, not like WP’s fraudulent “5 minute installation” of yore) I have set up at least a good skeleton, with a contact form, a framework for static pages, and of course a posting timeline I’m using a template from (P2) which has a twitter-like feel (or sorta like FB), but without the 140 character limit. It facilitates posting a quick-n-dirty post from the front end of the site (as long as you’re logged in, of course).

And how have I not heard of gravatar icons  earlier? This is totally awesome!

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