So how’s it going adding every CD you own?

Fine, thank you. I’ve been steadily popping one in provided I’m awake, my computer is awake, and I’m where I can feed the thing. I’ve got a stack at home and at work. As of this writing, the collection in iTunes stands at 2092 items. It would take over 6 days to listen to it all.

Searchability – what a concept. In the early ’90s I had a friend with some kind of software that had all his CDs indexed. I was never that organized. But now I can type in a composer, performer, etc.

Speaking of searchability – it’s amazing how Gracenote can find all the track info, even on obscure CDs (only had one misfire in a commercial CD), but album art is generally a google search…

Also, sweet heavens it’s annoying how the system splits up albums. There’s a way to edit the info and pull them together. That’ll be another phase of the project.

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