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New Template

Finally gave up on the old template and trying to fix the fact that the right columns always broke and went under the content. Now using Silver Light. So far I like the code structure and didn’t find it too hard to bang in my changes to the right column.

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Tags: If you want a job done right…

I just got to work and updated this theme to support tags. Thanks to these here tips, I added code to my index and home pages. Then I added a tag cloud to my right sidebar. I wasn’t happy with how it came out, so I had to tweak on my style sheet and create a new division in my right sidebar so my tag cloud wouldn’t come out as an unordered list like everything else in my sidebar.

If you want my files, just comment and I’ll send them to you. I’m not a PHP expert, so mine may not be elegant, but they seem to work. My theme, by the way, is Modern Paper.

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WordPress 2.3 – Dexter

I had to upgrade to this version, because it’s named after Dexter Gordon, the great jazz tenor sax man.

It also has an improved text editor, which allows even more silly formatting tricks. And the spellchecker is grate http://lab.woodward.edu/bus/Mail/cialis_india.html!

┬┐Does it support foreign language characters? You bet.

And WordPress finally supports tags!

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