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Not much new to report on the health front. I’m still home; I have a doctor’s appointment soon to see if I can start bearing weight again. If I can, then I begin on the long rehab home to walking again and being normal as close to normal as I ever am.

And because I seem to have the time, I upgraded WordPress to 2.3.3. I wish they would streamline their upgrade procedures – I have to re-upload ALL the files because they don’t just publish an upgrade list.

And now I reckon I’m off to try to find a skin that really supports tags properly…

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WordPress 2.3 – Dexter

I had to upgrade to this version, because it’s named after Dexter Gordon, the great jazz tenor sax man.

It also has an improved text editor, which allows even more silly formatting tricks. And the spellchecker is grate http://lab.woodward.edu/bus/Mail/cialis_india.html!

┬┐Does it support foreign language characters? You bet.

And WordPress finally supports tags!

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One problem down!

What’s aggravating is I’ve had this happen before…

The preceding post has included far too much formatting.

The following is a well-known picture of two dolphins. If one of them looks like a cow, you are undergoing too much stress.


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